Social Emotional Learning

Out of school time programs support the development of social and emotional competencies such as:

Understanding the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that ultimately contribute to success in school, work, and life is a priority for educators and employers. American Institutes for Research (AIR)  has two new resources to support after school program staff in developing young people’s employability skills through social and emotional learning (SEL).


Let It Ripple’s Character Day


Character Day is a free annual day and global initiative to develop character strengths.  View short videos and receive discussion kits to assist in developing your program’s social and emotional learning curriculum.  Programs can benefit from FREE resources including monthly webinars, videos and discussion templates to guide school aged students to develop positive character traits.  Learn more about Character Day and Let It Ripple.

American Institutes on Research (AIR)

The following brief and tool provide an overview of recent policy developments and research as well as tips and information on how schools and afters chool programs can better collaborate on SEL.

Linking Schools and Afterschools through Social Emotional Learning: a Research to Action brief summarizing the policy context and research on SEL in schools and afterschool settings.

The In school and Afterschool Social Emotional Learning Connection: A Planning Tool: a new resource designed to help afterschool program staff and school staff identify ways to collaborate to support social and emotional skill building.

Translating Research to Action
In practice, we see how high-quality programs can help participants learn, grow, and develop. But what does the research say? How can we prove it?

AIR’s Ready for Work? How Afterschool Programs Can Support Employability Through Social and Emotional Learning —the second Research to Action brief in a series focused on afterschool and expanded learning—is a focused summary of research on employability skills and how SEL supports these skills. We believe it is essential that research findings reach practitioners who can make use of them to inform their programs and practices.

Supporting Employability: A Planning Tool
AIR’s How Afterschool Programs Can Support Employability Through Social and Emotional Learning: A Planning Tool is a new resource designed to help staff identify youth and employer interests and plan programs to support employability skills through SEL.