Health & Wellness

Afterschool and summer learning program staff play a critical role in keeping kids healthy and active.


Programs adopting Healthy Eating Physical Active (HEPA) standards will assist in establishing policies, systems and environments to make it easier for students and staff to be active and eat healthy.  Below is a sampling of best practices taken from National Afterschool Association HEPA standards.  (Full document)




  • Water is available at all times, no sugar sweetened beverages or artificial sweetened beverages
  • Fresh, frozen (no sugar added), canned (no sugar added in its own juice) or dried (no sugar added) fruits or vegetables served
  • Snack menu ideas

Physical Activity

  • Children will not be seated for more than 30 minutes at a time
  • Play takes place outdoors and offers unstructured free play OR structured play to include all attendees



  • Will model healthy eating by consuming non-sugary drinks and healthy food options (Go
    or Slow foods, no Whoa foods)
  • Program will provide opportunities for all staff members to participate in professional development



Policy 2 Practice in Youth Programs: Step by Step Guide for Out of School Time practitioners implementing Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards.

CACFP: The Child and Adult Care Food Program is a federally funded program that gives meal reimbursements to child care centers and adult day care centers for serving nutritious meals. Learn more about the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Department of Social Services provides monthly orientations to learn more.


SC Department of Education provides the USDA Summer Food Service Program to assist individuals/organizations in providing students with nutritious meals and snacks during the summer. SFSP Promotional Flyer.


Alliance for a Healthier Generation created a Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative to give out-of-school time providers a science-based framework designed to help create environments where youth are encouraged to eat healthier and move more.


Eat Smart Move More Coalition coordinates obesity prevention efforts across SC.


LiveWell Greenville Out of School Time workgroup provides resources to afterschool and summer programs to promote healthy eating and active living for staff, children and families.

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