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SC After School Programs Are In Demand

South Carolina is behind the national average for after school participation. We can provide better support to our children and families.

  • 98,111 children participated in after school programs in 2014
  • 330,964 children would have participated in an after school program if it were available



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After School Programs Contribute to Healthy Habits

Many after school programs in South Carolina offer healthy snacks and physical activity. Parents understand the importance and we want even more students enjoying the healthy benefits of after school programs.

  • 82% of programs offer beverages, snacks, and/or meals
  • 84% of programs offer physical activity

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Summer Learning Matters

Parents and teachers agree that students benefit from summer learning programs. Skills are lost and forgotten during the summer requiring teachers to spend crucial class time reteaching last year’s material.

  • 88% of teachers agree that summer learning programs are important to students’ success
  • 77% of teachers agree that summer learning programs better prepare students for the fall

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